School Zone & Traffic Safety Improvements

Vicinity Map

Location: School Zones and Traffic Improvement sites throughout the City, see Vicinity Map.

Project Phase: Construction Complete

Estimated Timeline: Construction began in July 2014 and was completed in May 2015

Contact: Patty S. Criddle, 425-556-2723

Description: As part of the School Zone Safety Improvements project, the City installed safety features at six locations serving eight local schools. These features included rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs) and speed-feedback radar signs.

Project locations and specific features at each site are as follows:Speed-Feedback Radar

  • Faith Lutheran Elementary on 166th Avenue NE - RRFBs and speed-feedback radar signs
  • Ben Rush Elementary on Old Redmond Road - RRFBs and speed-feedback radar signs
  • Audubon Elementary on 180th Street - speed-feedback radar signs
  • Redmond High School, Redmond Middle School, and Horace Mann Elementary on 104th Street and on 166th Avenue NE - speed-feedback radar signs
  • Norman Rockwell Elementary on 162nd Avenue NE - speed-feedback radar signs
  • Einstein Elementary on NE 116th Street - RRFBs and speed-feedback radar signs

The School Zone Safety Improvement projects came out of the 2012-2013 Traffic Safety Comprehensive Plan. In this plan, school zones were identified for safety improvements in response to a Police and Public Works joint review of school zones throughout the City. The review consisted of collecting speed, volume, and collision data; conducting speed check site and equipment reviews; and then ranking sites by need for safety improvements.

Pedestrian Crossing with Rectuangular Rapid Flashing Beacon

Revenue generated through the Pilot Traffic Safety Camera Program funded the design and construction of the school zone improvements.