Tenant Improvements
Tenant Improvement (TI) work is work done on the interior of the building, no exterior work. This includes but is not limited to construction and deconstruction of interior walls, upgrades, and change of occupancy. 


See Engineers Licensing Law if you have questions regarding the licensing requirements. 

Commercial Alterations are projects that have exterior modifications. This includes but is not limited to changing out windows, adding/deleting doors, and facade changes. 

Please note that Tenant Improvements or Alterations which propose a new land use (per the Zoning Code-this is different than occupancy type), new square footage (such as a mezzanine or exterior addition), or is an exterior modification to a building may require the review and approval of a Land Use Permit. Additionally, Impact Fees may be required. For information on whether a Land Use Permit is required, visit the Land Use Application. If a Land Use Permit is required, the Land Use Permit Approval must be obtained prior to your Tenant Improvement Permit issuance.

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