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We're part of King County’s All Home Initiative, focused on making homelessness rare, brief and one-time. The reality is that it’s a very complex challenge - both for those who become homeless as well as for communities in which they reside.

By coming together as a community we can make real progress in meeting this challenge. It will take the engagement and collective action of everyone in the community doing whatever they can to address this crisis.

Homelessness Task Force's final recommendations summary report

City's efforts to address homelessness 

Kent Hay - Homelessness Outreach SpecialistMayor Marchione

Kent Hay - Homeless Outreach Specialist

All In, All Home Redmond -Tackling Homelessness Together

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There are opportunities for everyone
in our community to step up in big and
small ways.
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Volunteer, donate, collect school supplies, backpacks, socks or hygiene kits, join the conversation—and be part of the solution.
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We’re all in this together—and together, we can find the answers and solutions to the challenge of homelessness.
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Savannah's story

Support social services agencies in our community that are helping people like Savannah rebuild their lives.
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Friends of Youth envisions all youth having every opportunity to succeed. Hear why Friends of Youth is All In.

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