Budgeting Priorities


Your City, Your Choice - Introduction Video


I want a well-maintained city whose transportation and other infrastructure keeps pace with growth

Your City, Your Choice - Infrastructure Video
Topics include:
  • Plan 
  • Invest
  • Maintain and Operate

CLEAN & GREEN Clean & green

I want to live, learn, work and play in a clean and green environment 

Your City, Your Choice - Clean & Green Video

Topics include:
  • Vision and Stewardship
  • Environmental Management
  • Healthy Environment 

DIVERSE & CONNECTED COMMUNITY Diverse & Connected Community

I want a sense of community and connection with others 

Your City, Your Choice - Diverse & Connected Community Video

Topics include:
  • Engagement
  • Places
  • Events
  • Identity


I want to be safe where I live, learn, work and play 

Your City, Your Choice - Safety Video

Topics include:
  • Response
  • Prevention
  • Community Involvement and Partnerships
  • Planning, Preparedness and Recovery


I want a diverse and vibrant range of businesses and services in Redmond

Your City, Your Choice - Vibrant Economy Video

Topics Include:
  • Accessibility for businesses and consumers
  • Business attraction and retention
  • Image and Identity
  • Mix of Businesses and Activities


Responsible Government

I want a city government that is responsible and responsive to its residents and businesses 

Your City, Your Choice - Responsible Government Video

Topics include:
  • Effective and accountable leadership
  • Community Connections
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Quality Service