East Link Light Rail
Sound Transit Light Rail Picture Courtesy of Sound Transit

Light Rail is Coming to Redmond

Location: Two stations: Overlake Village (along SR 520 at 152nd Ave NE), and Redmond Technology Center (SR 520 at NE 40th St).
Project Phase: Design
Timeline: Construction expected to begin 2016.
Contact: Jeff Churchill, Principal Planner, jchurchill@redmond.gov, 425-556-2492 or Sound Transit's East Link Page

Sound Transit's East Link light rail extension project is bringing high-quality rail transit to Redmond with service starting at two stations in Overlake in 2023: Overlake Village (SR 520 at 152nd Ave NE) and Redmond Technology Center (SR 520 at NE 40th St). Once the project is complete, travelers from the Redmond Technology Center station will enjoy 10-minute trips to Downtown Bellevue and 30-minute trips to Downtown Seattle on tracks separated from automobile traffic.

East link route map (Image credit: Sound Transit)

For more information about East Link, visit the Sound Transit East Link project page.

Preparing for Light Rail

Coordination with Sound Transit

The City of Redmond is coordinating with Sound Transit on all aspects of bringing rail to Overlake. Now that the route and station locations have been established, Sound Transit and the City are designing elements associated with the stations and the route between them. Sound Transit is also coordinating with the city on how to engage the community throughout the design and construction phases. Since much of the light rail line is being built within the SR 520 corridor, Sound Transit will also be working with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

Transit Oriented Development

In 2007 the Redmond City Council adopted the Overlake Neighborhood Plan, which calls for a transformation of the Overlake Village area to a vibrant and walkable urban village with jobs, housing, and retail.

New Connections

The 2008 vote provided enough funding to complete the East Link project between Downtown Seattle and the Redmond Technology Center station. The final connection to Downtown Redmond will need to be funded by a future voter-approved measure. In the meantime, Redmond is working with others to maximize access to the two Overlake stations by improving transit service to the station areas, adding new pedestrian and bicycle connections, and increasing the number of commuter parking spaces at the Overlake Transit Center. Planned projects include:

  • New pedestrian and bicycle bridges across SR 520 at both light rail stations
  • High-quality bicycle infrastructure along 152nd Ave NE in Overlake Village
  • Trail crossing improvements at NE 40th St and NE 51st St

Sound Transit 3

Sound Transit has released a draft plan, ST3, for the next phase of regional high capacity transit expansion. The draft plan includes extending East Link light rail from Overlake to Southeast Redmond and Downtown with service targeted to begin in 2024.

Find out more at Sound Transit's ST3 page.