Downtown Regional Facilities

Update April 21, 2016

Redmond's Downtown Regional Surcharge Area was established in 2007. The area includes four outfalls to the Sammamish River and one outfall to Bear Creek. Redmond’s downtown plan treats the full surcharge area like a single development site. This allows flexibility in how stormwater is treated. Rather than treating each 1 acre development site as it comes in, Redmond’s regional facilities are retrofitting large areas at a time and providing greater pollution reduction than site-by-site redevelopment projects would provide. Once all of the five treatment facilities are built, the entire 500 acres of the downtown surcharge area will receive Basic treatment to Ecology standards.

Redmond has treated over 200 acres of the area and sold capacity to developers for less than 20 acres of area.

2007. McRedmond Water Quality Facility (WQF).This underground facility is located in the parking lot of Luke McRedmond Landing Park. This facility includes an EcoStorm hydrodynamic separator and an EcoStorm Plus concrete filter. While the EcoStorm Plus filter was demonstrated to provide treatment to Ecology standards, the intensive maintenance has led to abandoning of that facility. It is not included in the inventory of areas being treated by the City’s program and the City is investigating options for replacing its capacity elsewhere or conveying stormwater to the Redmond Way facility across the street.

2008. Leary Stormwater Treatment Wetland (STW). This project, Redmond's first stormwater treatment wetland, takes advantage of the natural vegetation processes in a wetland to remove pollutants from stormwater. It is a beautiful place to visit on a sunny spring day.

2011. Bear Creek Water Quality Facility (WQF).This project is located next to the Bear Creek trail behind Safeway and filters stormwater. This project was completed in the summer of 2011. This project was funded by the Washington State Department of Ecology’s FY2011 Stormwater Retrofit Grant Program.

2011. The Redmond Way Storm Trunk is complete, providing a high capacity pipe through downtown. This project was partially funded by grants from the Washington State Department of Ecology.

2014. Redmond Way Water Quality Facility. One of the largest stormwater treatment facilities in the state, this project treats stormwater runoff flowing through Redmond’s most urban area. A pump station conveys stormwater to a Perk Filter media filter vault, providing Ecology’s Basic treatment standard. This project was partially funded by the Washington State Department of Ecology’s FY2011 Stormwater Retrofit Grant Program.

2028. 85th Street WQF. This underground facility, built on the City campus, will treat water from the north downtown area. It will be similar in design to the Redmond Way Facility.

These projects are funded by Ecology grants, the Redmond Stormwater CIP, and developer contributions through the regional capital facilities charges.