Overlake Village LID Retrofit Project Phase II

The City of Redmond is improving the stormwater system in Overlake Village by constructing rain gardens within existing streets during the summer of 2013. New rain gardens will provide stormwater treatment to protect creeks downstream from urban runoff while making the streetscape more attractive. Improvements will also be made to 152nd Avenue NE to enhance pedestrian and bike safety.

The streets selected currently have more pavement than needed for transportation demands and the rain gardens will be installed entirely within the existing City right-of-way. There is no planned property acquisition or additional right-of-way needs for this project. To see the areas in Overlake where the rain gardens improvements will be installed, see “Postcard Mailing” below.

Please note that rain gardens may be removed as redevelopment occurs in this neighborhood and streets are widened in the future.

Project Update: June 2013

Beginning in July 2013, the City of Redmond will resume the improvement of the stormwater system in Overlake Village by constructing rain gardens. Landscaping and planting for the rain gardens are expected to be complete in October 2013.

What to Expect During Construction:

  • Construction equipment and noise near rain garden locations
  • Work occurring during daytime hours – 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Minor lane closures, including signs and flaggers, if needed to direct drivers; crews will complete work during non-peak hours of traffic to the extent practical
  • Crews excavating along side of the street, hauling off materials, and placing soil and landscaping
  • Concrete trucks and equipment used to build new curbs around the rain gardens
  • Any closed lanes reopening during non-working hours


Project Specific Information

June 24, 2013                          Postcard Mailing
August 31, 2012                       Postcard Mailing
March 27, 2012                        Map of Rain Garden Locations
November 4, 2011                    Coffee Chat Announcement
November 4, 2011                    Project Newsletter
November 3, 2011                    2100 - 152nd Rain Garden Concept Image
November 3, 2011                    2850 - 152nd Rain Garden Concept Image
November 3, 2011                    151st Rain Garden Concept Image
June 14, 2011                          Overlake Facilities Map

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ContactPatty Criddle, Construction Project Manager, 425-556-2736 
                Steve Hitch, Senior Stormwater Engineer, 425-556-2891