Going LED

The City of Redmond has been installing Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology in traffic signal displays since 2007. Replacing 135w incandescent light bulbs with 23w LED displays not only reduced the energy consumption, but extended the maintenance intervals for burned out bulbs. This provided the City with significant savings in energy and maintenance costs.

The City looked into the early LED technology for street lighting, but found it was not a viable alternative to traditional High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps such High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) for roadway lighting. However, advancements in LED technology improved the light output, distribution patterns and energy consumption in outdoor street lighting application.

In 2010, Redmond began testing LED fixtures for initial cost, performance, and maintenance and energy savings. LED lights have approximately 50 percent lower energy consumption and last four times as long as HPS streetlights and can produce a much more uniform light distribution pattern.

After evaluating these test fixtures in the field for a few years, staff recommended installing LED fixtures for all new street lights for improved safety through better light distribution, longer maintenance intervals and lower energy consumption.

To learn more about this technology: Redmond LED Streetlights

Contact:   Paul Cho, PE, PTOE
                 Senior Engineer, Traffic Operations & Safety Engineering

How do I report a streetlight out?

Some streetlights in Redmond are owned and maintained by the City, while others are owned and maintained by Puget Sound Energy. However, any streetlight in need of repair can be reported to the City’s Traffic Operations Safety and Engineering Division by calling 425-556-2701 or email Repairs are usually complete within two weeks.

So we can more quickly identify the streetlight’s location, please include the pole number with your report. You’ll find this number at eye level on the pole.

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How can I get a new streetlight installed?
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Do you feel your street is too dark?  Contact us and we'll see if a new light can be installed.

Contact: 425-556-2701 or Request New Streetlight