Public Art


The permanent collection has over 100 works of art that have been commissioned or preserved for its historic and cultural value. New works are purchased through the 1% for arts program or with funds from the visual arts acquisition fund.

A Collection Maintenance Program cares for the public art owned by the City, which range from 2D paintings to large-scale sculptures and murals. The most recently added works are Sky Painting and Signals, both acquired in 2014. To find out more about our permanent collection, download the STQRY App or check out our Public Art Collection.
The Erratic


Sky Painting is a site-specific art installation that is now considered the largest painted surface in the state of Washington.

The piece also doubles as a parking lot at the corner of Leary Way NE and Bear Creek Parkway. This piece celebrates a grove of trees standing at the entrance to the new parking lot. Ten-foot rings in alternating blue and yellow draw the eyes to the trees. What results is an interactive painting that adds aesthetic appeal to an exciting new Downtown entry and asks us to consider what it is that we are parking over.

signalsSignals is a site-specific installation by John Fleming of steel, colored LED lighting, de-commissioned train signals near 161st Ave NE and Bear Creek Parkway.

By using parts from decommissioned train signals once used to regulate traffic along the BNSF railroad intersections in Redmond, SIGNALS acts as a gateway that brings together pedestrians and bicyclists instead of trains and cars. Read more about our public art collection...


Public Art Collection