E-Track Portal

If you need to view PDF documents in the E-Track system, Internet Explorer is the preferred browser. Problems viewing documents using Firefox have been reported.

E-Track Portal Live January 7, 2013line

E-Track Portal
To track information associated to your permits, land use applications or request inspections go to the E-Track Portal.

The City of Redmond has implemented a new Permitting and Land Management system, E-Track.

E-Track will significantly improve our processes by automating permitting, inspections, enforcement cases, land use planning, and project review.

With the implementation of the Permitting & Land Management software, the City has implemented the E-Track Portal,  which is an integrated web portal that provides the community with 24-hour access to Permitting, Inspections, Citizen Request, and other development services.

Other available services include:

Permit Tracking

  • Review permit status
  • View assessed permit fees
  • Global permit search by address or permit type across the city

Inspection Request

  • Review, request, and cancel requested inspections associated to active permits

 Citizen Request

  • Submit concerns to City Staff

Fire Prevention Property Inspection Management

  • Electronic tracking of annual life safely inspections

E-Review Portal
To resubmit electronic documents associated to active permits, go to the E-Review Portal.

The E-Review portal will allow the customer to upload plans remotely, collaborate with your plan reviewer, and follow up on correction notices provided by City staff.

Online Registration

Step 1: Registering yourself as a Global Contactline

In order to access information pertaining to your permits through the E-Track Portal, you will need to be registered as a Global Contact and User in the E-Track Portal.  Please complete the CONTACT REGISTRATION FORM and submit it either in person to the Development Services Center located at City Hall (15670 NE 85th Street), to the email address noted at the bottom of the registration form, or by fax (425-556-2400). 

Step 2: Register as a new user in the E-Track Portalline

This will allow the City to register you in advance as a Global Contact; soon, you will be able to utilize the E-Track Portal and register yourself as a "New User."

Educational  Handouts are Available!line

The following Educational Handouts are listed below:


For more information and/or questions, please contact Kelsey Johnson at 425-556-2409 or via email at kmjohnson@redmond.gov.

E-Track Portal Information

View latest details at Redmond.gov/E-Track

To view your active permits through the E-Track Portal, you must complete the following steps:

Step 1: 
Complete the CONTACT REGISTRATION FORM and submit to the Development Services Center.

Step 2: 
Visit http://land.redmond.gov and register yourself as a "New User."

For more information and/or questions, please contact a Permit Technician at 425-556-2473 or via email at permittech@redmond.gov