8-12 Years

Riding Programs for Ages 8-12

Junior Horse Masters

This entry level class is for 8-12 year old students who have little or no previous riding experience. The goal of this class is to develop foundation skills of horsemanship. Riders will gain increased independence and more complex riding skills. This course is designed to be on-going until riders have acquired the appropriate skills to advance to Junior Horse Master Barn Apprentice, with instructor approval. Prerequisite for JHM Barn Apprentice: Students must be able to tack their horse independently, be confident riding entirely off lead at the walk, and be able to post the trot with assistance.

Barn Apprentice

This is an intermediate level for students with a solid understanding of the basic principles of horsemanship who are still working on developing complete independence on and off the horse. Students practice tacking up their horses independently, work on riding independently at the walk and trot, and develop the posting trot. The goal of this class is for students to develop the problem solving skills to become confident and independent on and off the horse.

Student must be able to complete the following skills to be in this level:
• Can saddle English and Western unassisted*
• Is a safe rider in a group (maintains proper distance, passing etc)
• Able to halter and lead a horse unassisted and confidently
• Has complete control off lead at the halt, walk, and trot in arena*
• Is able to post a trot with a consistent cadence (with some assistance)

Barn Pro

This advanced beginner level class is designed to refine each rider's technique at the walk and trot. Advanced drills and exercises will be introduced to improve core strength and balance in preparation for canter work. This course is designed to be on-going and students who want to take additional lessons are encouraged to enroll in the Custom Lesson Program.

Barn Pro

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