11/30/10 agenda

TUESDAY, November 30, 2010


Council Chambers
15670 NE 85th Street

Agenda for printing

  John Marchione

  Richard Cole, President
  Pat Vache, Vice President 
  Kimberly Allen
  David Carson
  Hank Margeson
  Hank Myers
  John Stilin


Redmond City Council Special Meeting - 7:30 p.m.
  A. AM No. 10-260: 2011-12 Biennial Budget and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Adoption Package   (Finance)
Adopted 5-2; Carson and Myers Opposed   1. Ordinance No. 2563: An Ordinance Adopting the Final 2011-2012 Budget of the City Commencing January 1, 2011    
Adopted 4-3; Allen, Carson and Myers Opposed   2. Ordinance No. 2564: An Ordinance Levying Property Taxes for the City of Redmond for the Fiscal Year Commencing January 1, 2011, on All Property, both Real and Personal, in Said City Which is Subject to Taxation for the Purpose of Paying Sufficient Revenue to Carry on General Operations, Recognize Voter Approved Levy Lid Lifts for Public Safety and Parks and Pay Debt Service Obligations of Said City for the Ensuing Year as Required by Law    
Adopted 7-0   3. Ordinance No. 2565: An Ordinance Amending RMC 13.16.010(A)(1), to Amend the Definition of Single-Family Residential; Amending RMC 13.16.020, 13.16.030, and 13.16.040, Increasing Water, Hydrant, and Sewer Rates and Charges    
Adopted 7-0   4. Ordinance No. 2566: An Ordinance Amending RMC Chapter 13.20, Storm Drainage Capital Facilities Charges, to Modify the Sub-Basin Capital Facilities Charges, and to Clarify Language in the Chapter    
Adopted 5-2; Carson and Myers Opposed   5. Ordinance No. 2567: An Ordinance Amending Section 5.04.080 of the Redmond Municipal Code Increasing the Business License Fee    
Adopted 7-0   6. Ordinance No. 2568: An Ordinance Amending the Redmond Municipal Code, Redmond Community Development Guide, Chapters 20D.60 and 20D.210, to Index the City's Fire, Park, and Transportation Impact Fees for 2011, and to Update Fire, Park and Transportation Impact Fee Schedules    

Redmond City Council Study Session - Immediately Following Special Meeting
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