Pre-Application Meeting Information

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Technical Committee Pre-Application Meeting?line

A Technical Committee Pre-Application Meeting is an optional process which provides prospective applicants the opportunity to meet with City representatives from the Planning, Public Works and Fire Departments to identify potential problem causing issues, assist applicants in preparing their applications for submittal to the City and to expedite processing of development applications. These meetings are approximately 1 hour. City representatives will describe the type of application(s) necessary, the review process and applicable regulations. Pre-Application Meetings are not meant to be a detailed review of proposed plans or ideas.

A Technical Committee Pre-Application Meeting is appropriate if you are simply exploring ways to develop the property or have a general idea of a proposed site plan, but have not yet identified "fatal flaws". This process is generally appropriate where your proposal is undefined or still at a conceptual stage and you are not yet ready to move forward with a specific proposal.

If you have previously met with City representatives, have developed a specific proposal for which you have put together a development team, and are ready to move ahead with detailed review, then you may choose to begin PREP (Pre Review Entitlement Process), if eligible. Click here for information about PREP review.

Should you attend a

Design Review Board Pre-Application Meeting?line

The purpose of a Pre-Application Meeting with the Design Review Board (DRB) is to consult with the Board (when DRB approval will be required) to gain preliminary feedback regarding conceptual design for the site, landscaping and architecture. Ideally a Pre-Application Meeting with the Board would take place after you have a fairly good idea of what the major site constraints are and are therefore able to develop feasible alternatives for site and building design. A DRB Pre-Application Meeting is optional under the standard review process, but is a required component of PREP review (click here for information about PREP review).