Business Tax Information

Redmond levies an annual Business Tax of $92 per full-time equivalent employee. Sixty–one percent ($57) of the fees collected are dedicated to fund transportation improvements that support the business community by enhancing business accessibility and mobility. The balance of funds contributes to maintaining and enhancing the City’s level of service. The City does not charge a Business and Occupation (B&O) tax.


Beginning in 1996, the Redmond City Council approved a renewable four-year business tax surcharge of $55 per employee per year to contribute toward transportation improvements in Redmond. Council’s adoption of Ordinance No. 2318 in 2006 established the Business Tax as an on-going annual fee.  The current fee is $57 per full-time equivalent employee. 

The Business Tax/Transportation Improvements (BTTI) Advisory Committee was created to provide community input on the use of revenues collected through the business tax surcharge.

The committee consists of eight members:

Business Community Representatives:  5 
Redmond Residents:  2 
City Councilmember (non-voting):  1