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Pre-Entitlement Review Process (PREP) - Application Submittal Requirements

If you are undergoing PREP review or wish to learn more about the application submittal requirements, visit our PREP web page.

Application Submittal Requirements

Electronic Plan Review is Here!
For more information on how to upload electronic documents please see the "How to Navigate the E-Review Portal" handout.

Below are submittal requirements for all Land Use Entitlement Permits.  

Administrative Modification
Alteration of Geologic Hazard Area
Binding Site Plan 
Boundary Line Adjustment   
Comprehensive Plan Amendment-Zoning Map or Text
Conditional Use Permit 
Conditional Use Permit-Change of Use   
Development Agreement 
Essential Public Facilities
Master Planned Development
Preliminary Plat
Reasonable Use Exception
Short Plat (Short Subdivision) 
Site Plan Entitlement 
Temporary Use Permit
Wireless Communications Facilities
Zoning Code Amendment - Zoning Map or Text

The following Land Use Entitlement Submittal Requirements are currently being updated, therefore; if your application falls within the list below, please contact the Planner on Call at 425-556-2494 or at

  • Annexation
  • Certificate of Appropriateness  
  • Master Planned Development
  • Plat Alteration/Vacation
  • Right of Way Vacation
  • Sign Program Review  
  • Shoreline Conditional Use
  • Shoreline Variance

Shoreline Application Forms

Shoreline Exemption Application 
Shoreline Substantial Development Permit - (Conjunction with underlying Land Use Permit) 
Shoreline Substantial Development Permit - Stand Alone 
JARPA Form (Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application) 

Transportation Concurrency Requirements

Transportation Concurrency Application Form
Transportation Concurrency Sample Application Form 

Pre-Application Meeting Forms

Design Review Board Pre-Application Meeting Form 
Technical Committee Pre-Application Meeting Form 
Combination Pre-Application Meeting Form
Use this form if you wish to schedule both a Design Review Board Pre-Application Meeting and a Technical Committee Pre-Application Meeting.

Application Forms

Design Standards Checklist
Final Plat Application Form
General Application Form (Required for all applications except Tree Removal Permits).
Landmark Nomination Application
Landmark Nomination Form
Project Contact Form (Required for all applications except Tree Removal).
Right-of-Way Petition 
Tree Removal Permit Application

SEPA Application Forms

NOTE:  If SEPA is required, the following information will need to be submitted. 

SEPA Application Form
SEPA/CAO Fee Worksheet
SEPA Checklist for Non-Project Action
SEPA Checklist for Project Action
Bear Evans Creek Watershed Map 
SEPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Worksheet (Excel - interactive formula version) (PDF version - not interactive)

Critical Area Reporting Requirements/Forms

Critical areas reporting requirements 
Habitat unit assessment form 
Stream summary sheet 
Wetland summary sheet 
Wetland data form 
Wetland rating form

Public Notice Posting Requirements

Yellow Public Notice Signs: The City provides public notice signs to applicants within two weeks of application submittal. Applicants are responsible for posting these signs on-site. This link provides detail regarding these posting requirements. The yellow signs are used mainly for Notice of Application, SEPA decisions, and Hearing Notices.
Large Sign Schematic: For applications requiring public hearings, an applicant is required to obtain a sign from a vendor and install it on-site. These signs are larger than the yellow signs. The applicant is responsible for installing the sign at least two weeks before a hearing. An Affidavit of Posting is required from the applicant.

Bond Forms

Landscape Forms

Irrevocable Assignment Loan Proceeds and Security Agreement for Construction - Installation of Improvements Irrevocable Letter of Credit Security for Performance
Irrevocable Letter of Credit Warranty of Improvements 
Maintenance Bond Landscaping and Irrigation Calculation Worksheet 
Maintenance Bond Landscaping and Irrigation 
Performance Bond Assignment of Account 
Performance Bond Landscaping and Irrigation Calculation Worksheet 
Performance Bond Landscaping and Irrigation 
Receipt for Cash Deposit Performance Agreement 
Receipt for Cash Deposit Warranty Security Agreement

Tree Preservation

Performance Bond Tree Preservation Calculation Worksheet 
Performance Bond Tree Preservation

Tree Replacement 

Maintenance Bond Tree Replacement Calculation Worksheet 
Maintenance Bond Tree Replacement 
Performance Bond Tree Replacement Calculation Worksheet 
Performance Bond Tree Replacement

Wetland and Stream

Stream Mitigation Irrevocable Assignment of Loan Proceeds 
Stream Mitigation Irrevocable Letter of Credit 
Stream Mitigation Performance Bond 
Stream Mitigation Receipt for Cash Deposit 
Stream Mitigation Security Worksheet
Wetland Mitigation Irrevocable Assignment of Loan Proceeds 
Wetland Mitigation Irrevocable Letter of Credit 
Wetland Mitigation Performance Bond 
Wetland Mitigation Receipt for Cash Deposit 
Wetland Mitigation Security Worksheet

Bond Example

Performance Bond Landscaping and Irrigation

They are presented as downloadable pdf (Adobe Acrobat) documents. In order to view or print the forms you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. (Obtain free Acrobat Reader)

E-Track Portal Information

View latest details at

To view your active permits through the E-Track Portal, you must complete the following steps:

Step 1: 
Complete the CONTACT REGISTRATION FORM and submit to the Development Services Center.

Step 2: 
Visit and register yourself as a "New User."

For more information and/or questions, please contact a Permit Technician at 425-556-2473 or via email at