2015 Redmond Arts Season Grants

Deadline: Monday, November 10, 2014 at 5PM PST

Cultural Grants: 2015 Redmond Arts Season
Funding: Up to $5,000 (A typical award is $3,000)
Contact: Jessica Rubenacker, Arts Coordinator, (phone) 425-556-2367 (email)

Please contact Arts Season staff prior to applying to discuss fit and feasibility, specifically for venues and dates.

October 6, 2014 Open Call
November 10, 2014 Applications due
Mid-December 2014 Decisions made
By December 31, 2015 Offer public program(s)

CALL: The City of Redmond seeks proposals for quality cultural and/or art programs for the 2015 Redmond Arts Season, which runs March through December 2015. Grant awards will fund projects that engage Redmond residents in an innovative way.

ABOUT THE REDMOND ARTS SEASON: The Redmond Arts Season is a grant program that supports quality arts and cultural programs that are accessible to Redmond residents and visitors throughout the year.

The City of Redmond provides funding, marketing support, public venues and other resources to help connect this diverse community and develop our creative community. This includes any one or a combination of the following resources to meet these goals:

  • Project support grants up to $5000
  • Technical support from City of Redmond staff members
  • Coordinated communications and outreach activities by City of Redmond staff members

ELIGIBILITY: Any group or individual offering cultural arts programming in Redmond, WA, between March 1 and December 31, 2015. Individuals and groups are required to obtain liability insurance.

  • Application: Delivered to Arts Program staff, preferably by email.
  • Completed Application Form, including completed Signature Page
  • Project Proposal
  • Optional Supporting Material
  • Project Budget Overview


  1. Quality of past work. Strong applications will have experience creating and delivering high-quality art and cultural arts experiences.
  2. Demonstrated ability to target audience. Strong applications will have experience serving Redmond audiences. Redmond is becoming a younger, diverse, and urban place where more people work in Redmond than live in Redmond. Currently, half of residents are new to Redmond within the last five years and an increasing portion rent (45%) as opposed to own their homes. The largest demographic is people between the ages of 25-45. In addition, one-third of residents are considered non-white and more than a quarter are foreign born, many of whom speak a language other than English at home.
  3. Match. Strong applications will approach the project as a partnership and identify matching funds, outside organizational support, in-kind donations or volunteer hours as part of the budget.

Please do not contact members of the Redmond Arts Commission about your application.

2015 Arts Season Application

2015 Redmond Arts Season Call

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