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Planning Commission Review Complete

The Planning Commission has completed its review the Southeast Redmond Neighborhood Plan update.  Materials from past Planning Commission meetings are provided below.  The Planning Commission's report on this topic to the City Council will be posted online in early August.

Citizen Advisory Committee Recommendation

The Southeast Redmond Neighborhood CAC has recommended a set of neighborhood plan policies that address the long-term evolution of the Southeast Redmond neighborhood.  Key elements of the recommendation include:Wall
  • Retaining land for manufacturing and industry;
  • Recognizing the importance of Redmond's groundwater and surface water and supporting citywide plans and policies to protect them;
  • Planning for new residential and employment opportunities in the area north of Woodbridge;
  • Improving mobility for all modes by planning for new motorized and nonmotorized connections;
  • Prioritizing transportation corridors for efficient heavy-duty truck travel and freight transit;
  • Supporting housing affordability and choice;
  • Completing planned trail connections and developing existing parks;
  • Enhancing a sense of place and community through opportunities for gathering places, particularly as part of private development and design of the public realm;
  • Renaming the Gateway Design District to the Regional Retail subarea while maintaining the same land use intent in neighborhood plan policies; and
  • Maintaining current zoning along Redmond Way, preserving the limits of the Manufacturing Park Overlay.
Read the full draft policy package here.

The neighborhood plan update process continues during the first half of 2014.  The Planning Commission is reviewing the proposal.  City Council review will follow, with final action by the City council expected in mid-2014.

About the Southeast Redmond Neighborhood

An overview of SE RedmondThe Southeast Redmond neighborhood is bounded generally on the west by Marymoor Park and the terminus of SR 520, on the south and east by the City limit, and on the north by Evans Creek and Bear Creek.

Land uses in Southeast Redmond vary, including business park in the north, industry and retail in the western portion, and  moderate-density residential in the eastern and southern parts of the neighborhood.

 View a map of Southeast Redmond.

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