Zoning and Incentives

Zoning and Incentives

Zoning regulations for Overlake Village reward urban density, innovation, and sustainability. The zoning code allows multi-story mixed-use developments with an incentive program that allows applicants to reach up to 12 stories. Here is a summary table: 



Base Height

4 stories

5 stories

Maximum Height

8-10 stories (site dependent)

8-12 stories (site dependent)

Base FAR*



Maximum FAR*



* Residential and commercial FAR are calculated separately but may be added together

There are two tiers in the incentive program. Priority items include:
  • Dedication of 2.5 acres for public park (Group Health site only), or
  • Dedication of 2-4 acres for regional stormwater facility (2-3 specific properties), or
  • Plaza space equal to minimum of 5% of gross site area or equivalent fee-in-lieu (all other properties)
Other items include:
  • LEED Silver or Built Green 3 Star Certification
  • 75% floor area as residential use (50% in certain retail-oriented areas)
  • 60% of parking below grade (or in a combination of below- and above-grade wrapped)
  • 20% affordable housing
  • Full-service hotel and conference center (Group Health site only)
  • Develop Transit Oriented Development with minimum 1000 residential units (Group Health site only)

Bonuses for providing the above items include:

  • Height
  • FAR
  • General Business Park uses permitted

More information in the Redmond Zoning Code

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