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One Page Summary: Redmond Central Connector Summary 

The trail is now open to the public!


 Project Vicinity Map

Redmond secured four miles of the Eastside Rail Corridor and adjacent properties in 2010 as part of a regional partnership to develop a regional trail system and provide access for regional utilities and light rail. This corridor, the Redmond Central Connector, is the artery of the City that links Sammamish, Redmond, and Kirkland and knits together Redmond Town Center, historic Downtown, Grass Lawn neighborhood, and Willows business district. The Connector will revitalize 30 acres of prime real estate in Redmond and draw new commercial, retail, and office activity, and hundreds of thousands of new visitors to Redmond.

This new regional trail will also provide safety enhancements to pedestrians traveling in Downtown and along Willows Road. In addition, it will provide an alternate route to the Sammamish River Trail, which is heavily used in Redmond, for people to use for recreation or transportation.

The public was engaged in the development of a master plan for a regional trail for the corridor in 2010-2011.

Central Connector Rendering
Bike Bash on Downtown Central ConnectorBike Bash on the Phase I of Central Connector

Redmond Lights on the Central Connector Redmond Lights on Phase I of the Central Connector


Phase I - Completed in 2013.

This one mile segment is located in Downtown, extending from the Bear Creek Trail by SR 202 and Redmond Way to the Sammamish River Trail.

Phase II - Construction

Trail is open to the public.

Construction work on Phase II included constructing approximately 1.3 miles of regional trail along the former Burlington Northern Railroad corridor from just east of the Sammamish River to the south side of the intersection of Willows Road and the 9900 Block, near DigiPen and Overlake Christian Church. The trail is generally 12 feet wide, paved and has gravel shoulders. The Sammamish River trestle and the bridge over 154th Avenue NE have been retrofitted to accommodate the trail.

Proposed Sammamish River trestle retrofit with overlooks Sammamish River trestle retrofit with overlooks (conceptual view)

The project also included:

  • Integrated art by Sidecar Collective*
  • Storm drainage facilities
  • Replacing the existing culvert at Willows Creek with a fish passable culvert
  • Intersection, driveway and pedestrian improvements at key locations
  • Lighting, landscaping and urban design improvements
  • Wetland and stream mitigation

*Redmond Central Connector, Phase II Art Proposal – note that the PDF file contains proposed concepts. The “Mixed Messages” concept will be installed (the art shown is not the final design). The “Cycle-In Cinema” has been funded and will occur sometime after the trail is opened in 2017. “Flash Forward” is not currently funded.

Business Owner Meeting Mailer


Phase III - Not currently funded.

The last 1.6 miles of trail would connect Redmond to Kirkland and Woodinville across NE 124th Street. The City, Kirkland, and King County are also exploring options to create a more direct route from Redmond to Totem Lake via Willows Road to the Eastside Rail Corridor, along Willows Road or NE 124th Street. This phase is not currently funded; however, the City would like to prioritize this project in order to improve active transportation modes to offices on Willows and to the urban centers in Downtown Redmond and Totem Lake.





RCC Phase II RFP Presentation 


Phase II Final Plans - Bid Documents

Plan Set - Volume 1
Plan Set - Volume 2
Specifications - Volume 1
Specifications - Volume 2
Specifications - Volume 3

Design of Phase I (Downtown Mile)

Commissioned Art for the Project

Phase I Final Plans - Bid Documents

Plan Set
Specifications Part 1
Specifications Part 2
Easement Map
Bridge Inspection Report

Final Master Plan

Online Review Version
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Appendix A - Infrastructure Alignment Plan
Appendix A.1
Appendix A.2
Appendix A.3
Appendix A.4
Appendix A.5
Appendix A.6
Appendix A.7
Appendix B - Planning Review
Appendix C - Art Integration
Appendix D - Public Involvement Summary
Appendix E - Trolley Study
Appendix F - SEPA Checklist
Appendix G - Cost Estimate


Planning Commission 95% Design - July 11, 2012
Final Master Plan Summary - May 2011
Presentation to City Council - Apr 12, 2011
Historical Society on Draft Master Plan - Apr 5, 2011
Arts Commission Meeting on Draft Master Plan - Mar 10, 2011
Public Meeting on Draft Master Plan Design - Jan 27, 2011
Planning Commission Meeting on Draft Master Plan - Jan 26, 2011
Joint Commission
Meeting about Conceptual Design - Dec 2, 2010
Public Meeting on Conceptual Design - Nov 15, 2010
Council Study Session
on Infrastructure Alignment Plan - Oct 12, 2010
Council Study Session on Infrastructure Alignment Plan - Sep 14, 2010 
Presentation to Parks & Trails Commission with Pedestrian Bicycle Advisory Committee and Planning Commission - Visioning Process - Sep 2, 2010 
Presentation to Planning Commission - Master Plan Overview - Aug 18, 2010 
City Council Presentation - Mar 9, 2010

Background Information

Memorandum of Understanding to Acquire BNSF Corridor November 2009 
Downtown East-West Corridor Study (transportation projects in the Corridor)


BNSF Corridor 
Downtown Study Area
Sammamish Valley Study Area