Dowtown Redmond

Downtown Park

Location: 161st Ave NE, between Redmond Way and Cleveland
Project Phase: Preliminary Planning and Acquisition
Estimated Timeline: Construction completion 2016
Graphic above illustrates an early concept for the new Downtown Park. The park may include spaces such as lawn, plaza and pathways, stage for performances and more, as determined by public input.

A series of new summer events were held at the Downtown Park in 2012.


A series of new summer events were held at the Downtown Park in 2012.


Thanks to everyone who completed a survey on the Downtown Park Concepts. Results on the preferred concept and features will be posted soon.

Downtown Park Overview

Every great city has a signature place that serves as a destination, an icon for the city, and a catalyst for economic growth. The Downtown Park will be Redmond’s signature park, and will create a place for community members to gather and celebrate. It will be a vibrant community space that encourages special events, arts, music and fun. The enhanced pedestrian environment in and around the park will stimulate economic activity in the neighborhood.


The park site is located between Redmond Way and Cleveland Street, and is bordered by the new 161st Ave NE on the west, and the Stone House Restaurant on the east. The grassy space that is present along 161st now is about ¾ acre. When complete, the ultimate size of the park will be two acres. 

Project Phases

Downtown Park is in the first of three phases that are needed to create a park. This first phase is the Master Plan Phase, which explores possibilities for the park with the community, and delivers a preferred concept, or approach, for design. Next, the Design Phase will create detailed design plans and construction documents for the selected Master Plan Concept. During this phase funding for the park will be identified. The Construction Phase will proceed when the design plans are complete and funding is in place.

Project Phases



B Sanders,
Project Manager


Redmond Downtown Park is a memorable and extraordinary gathering place where art and park are indistinguishable. It is a destination for creative energy and exploration where the entire community can:
Play and relax in all seasons and weather
Be inspired and entertained
Delight in nature
Linger and leave uplifted