Downtown Park

Downtown Park is OPEN!

Downtown Park Ribbon Cutting

Redmond’s new Downtown Park is open! Have you had a chance to walk through the great lawn, explore the plaza, or jump in the splash pad? The new Downtown Park is our urban sanctuary, so be sure to check it out!

Explore the park during the day or stop by after sunset to view Physis, an LED light program created by Jill Anholt, displayed on the water wall at the Buoyant pavilion from sunset to 11pm.

About the Project

Location: 16101 Redmond Way. The park site is located between Redmond Way and Cleveland Street, and is bordered by 161st Ave NE on the west, and the Stone House Restaurant on the east.
Project Phase: Construction
Contact: Carolyn Hope, Project Manager, 425-556-2313
One Page Summary: August 2017 Summary
  • Master Plan: Adopted 2015
  • Design: Completed 2016
  • Peat Removal: Completed 2016
  • Park Construction: June 2017 – Summer 2018
  • Park Opening: Summer 2018
Downtown Park Project Timeline

Construction Update



Every great city has a signature place that serves as a destination, an icon for the city, and a catalyst for economic growth. The Downtown Park will be Redmond’s signature park, and will create a place for community members to gather and celebrate. It will be a vibrant community space that encourages special events, arts, music and fun. The enhanced pedestrian environment in and around the park will stimulate economic activity in the neighborhood.

Redmond Downtown Park Concept


Redmond Downtown Park is a memorable and extraordinary gathering place where art and park are indistinguishable. It is a destination for creative energy and exploration where the entire community can:

  • Play and relax in all seasons and weather
  • Be inspired and entertained
  • Delight in nature
  • Linger and leave uplifted


Planning for the Downtown Park included extensive community outreach, which allowed the public to determine park features and provide valuable insight on the design. The selected design ensures the two-acre site will function as both a neighborhood park as well as an extraordinary community gathering space.

Downtown Park Rendering

Features in the park will include:

  1. Raised lawn, deck and trees - play, meet friends and people watch
  2. Fountains of water jets - fun for the kids!
  3. Pavilion with a digital water wall - watch digital art, dance, and sip coffee under shelter from sun and rain
  4. Gardens and trees - relax in the greenery
  5. Plaza - enjoy performances, festivals and events
  6. Dining grove - bring a bite to eat under the trees
  7. Restrooms and drinking fountain


An extensive and creative public engagement process for the Downtown Park Master Plan involved more than 2,000 kids and adults. Visitors to the site were invited to “Claim a Stake” in Downtown Park. More than 1,000 suggestions were written onto tags and staked within the park in a colorful art installation.


Downtown Park is entering the last of three steps needed to create Downtown Park. Funding has been identified so that the entire project can be built in a single construction effort. Each phase of the project is described below:

Planning: COMPLETE
The planning phase explored options for the park with the community and developed a preferred concept, based on the public preference. This planning phase resulted in a Master Plan that has been used to guide the design process. The Master Plan was adopted by City Council in April 2015.

The design phase was completed in December 2016. Detailed design plans and construction documents were prepared, based on the selected Master Plan Concept.

The project was advertised for bid in January 2017. A construction contract was awarded by City Council in March 2017, with construction beginning by June 2017. The park will be complete in summer 2018.


  • May 10, 2017 (6 p.m.) - Groundbreaking Event: Join the Mayor, City Council, and members of the Parks and Trails Commission and Arts and Culture Commission as the first shovel is turned to make way for Downtown Park.
  • Summer 2018 - Grand Opening Celebration: A community gathering to celebrate the opening of Downtown Park will be scheduled. Details of the celebration to be determined.