OBAT Height Limits

Location: central portion of Microsoft East (Main) Campus
Project phase: complete
Timeline: City Council adoption occurred February 3, 2015
Contact: Jeff Churchill, Senior Planner, 425-556-2492, jchurchill@redmond.gov

The City Council has adopted a proposal to create a height overlay in the central portion of the Microsoft East Campus that allows up to 9-story buildings, with the option to go to 10 stories using transferable development rights.  Building heights are generally limited to 5 stories elsewhere in the Overlake Business and Advanced Technology zone.

Microsoft and the City executed a Development Agreement in 2005 for future growth on the campus. This height overlay does not authorize any additional development beyond what is allowed under that agreement. No specific building plans were submitted as part of creating the height overlay and no specific buildings were part of the proposal.

The Planning Commission recommended approval of this proposal on September 24, 2014. Read the Commission's report here. The City Council approved the proposal on February 3, 2015.

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