Marijuana Stores - Zoning Regulations

Amendments to Regulations for Retail Marijuana

The Redmond City Council adopted Ordinance 2836 at its June 7, 2016, meeting.  This ordinance changes regulations for retail marijuana store in Redmond as follows:
  • Allow retail marijuana stores in the retail and mixed use residential/office Downtown zones (Old Town, Anderson Park, Town Center, Bear Creek, Valley View, Trestle, Sammamish Trail, Town Square, and River Bend zones); Overlake Village zones; General Commercial zone, and Regional Retail zone.
  • Set associated development standards such as height, floor area, and parking standards similar to other retail uses.  These requirements vary by zone.
  • Reduce discretionary buffers from sensitive uses as defined by the state to 100 feet.
  • Buffers from schools and playground would remain at 1,000 feet as mandated by state law.
  • No separation between stores is required
  • No local limit on the number of stores; the state license limit is 4.
A copy of the final ordinance is available on the 2016 City Ordinances page.  The ordinance took effect on June 18, 2016.


The City has prepared several maps to highlight important information regarding zoning for retail marijuana stores.

The following map shows potential parcels for retail marijuana uses based on the City Council's direction.  The map is color-coded to show different zones.  This map is subject to change; while the City Council adopted an ordinance which took effect on June 18, 2016, the map has not yet been updated.
Acceptable Parcels Map (updated 5/20/2016)

The following map shows the various sensitive uses requiring a buffer in Redmond, as well as the buffer around those uses.  Red buffers are the 1,000 foot buffers around schools and playgrounds, while blue buffers are the 100 foot buffers around other sensitive uses.  This map is subject to ongoing change as uses such as daycares come and go, or as the status of other uses changes (e.g. a park becoming a playground).
Marijuana - Buffers from Sensitive Uses


Initiative 502 was approved by the voters at the November 6, 2012, general election. I-502 legalized the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana by adults over 21 years of age and provided for a legal recreational marijuana market including producers (growers), processors, and retailers. I-502 placed the responsibility and authority for regulating this new market in the state Liquor Control Board (LCB). The Liquor Control Board adopted rules governing retail marijuana in late 2013.

​The City of Redmond originally adopted zoning regulations for retail marijuana in early 2014. Retail marijuana stores are allowed in areas zoned for retail uses in Redmond. However, the 1,000-foot buffers around schools, parks, daycares, and transit centers effectively prohibit retail marijuana stores in Redmond.

Recent changes in state law allow cities to reduce the required minimum distance between retail marijuana stores and daycares, recreation centers, libraries, parks, transit centers, and game arcades down to a minimum of 100 feet. Distances between retail marijuana stores and schools and playgrounds must remain 1,000 feet.

Furthermore, the state Liquor and Cannabis Board has increased the limit on the number of retail store licenses per community that it issues. Previously, Redmond was limited to two retail store licenses. The new limit for Redmond will be four retail store licenses.

After a public review process, the Redmond City Council adopted ordinance 2836 on June 7, 2016, which amended Redmond's regulations for retail marijuana stores.