Side Sewer Contractor Registration

What Is It?

You need to be an Approved Side Sewer Contractor to perform work on side sewers within the public right-of-way and on private property in order to protect the sewer system from defective workmanship and materials, and to insure that the construction standards and regulations of the City are followed.

New Registration

You must submit a completed side sewer roster application, and include:
  • Side Sewer License Fee
  • Post and Maintain a $5,000 Cash or Surety Bond to the City of Redmond (Bond forms Provided By the City of Redmond, original bond is required)
  • Liability Insurance ($500,000 each occurrence/The City of Redmond named as the additional insured). Please reference Side Sewer Contractor Roster
  • Active City of Redmond Business License 

Annual Renewal Registration  - expires per calendar year on the last day in January.

To renew, you must submit a completed side sewer roster application, and include:
  • A copy of your current Washington state contractor’s license.
  • A copy of your current City of Redmond business license
  • Pay side sewer renewal fee

Start Application:

Side Sewer Contractor Roster Requirements

How much does it cost?

Side Sewer Contractor Roster Application & License Fee 

How Long Does it take?

The application is reviewed by the Utility Division to determine if the application and submittal requirements are met.    

See a list of Approved Side Sewer Contractors

Approved (Active) Side Sewer Contractor Roster

City of Redmond Bond Form

Side Sewer Contractor Bond Form (Cash Deposit)

Side Sewer Contractor Bond Form (Surety)

Standardized Details Page

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