Fire Inspection Forms

Prevention Through Inspection

Redmond Fire Standards & IFC

2015 IFC Operational Permits

2105 IFC Table 5003.1.1 - MAQ


Redmond Fire Tip Sheets

FLS Inspector Notes - 2016

Carbon Dioxide Systems

Fire Inspection Checklists

Quick Touch Inspection List

Inspection Notice

Field Inspection Process

Compressed Gasses

Flammable/Combustible Liquids - Exterior

Flammable/Combustible Liquids - Interior

Hot Works Operations

LP Gas

Motor Fuel Dispensing

Places Of Assembly

Repair Garages/Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities

Hot Works Checklist 2014

High Piled Storage Checklist 2014

Fire Investigation Forms

Investigation Start Up Form

Fire Sprinklers

Sprinkler Extension Interpretation - Zone 1 Fire Marshals

13 D Functional Flow Test Guidelines

Fire Alarms

Transmitter Inspection Checklist

AES Field Inspection Checklist


    Alarm Notification Appliances
    Alarm Performance
    Alarm Testing and Maintenance
    Central Station Service NFPA 72
    Central Station Service NFPA 72 Handbook
Sleeping Area Definition - Zone 1 Fire Marshals
Digital Alarm Communication Transmitter Interpretation - Zone 1 Fire Marshals

Ambient Sound Levels - NFPA 72     

Fire Installation Permits

Fire Installation Permit Application 

Battery System Submittal Checklist

Fire Operational Permit Applications

Annual International Fire Code Permit Application

FAQ - Fire Alarm Alternative Program

Hazardous Materials

HMIS Classification Guidelines

Hazardous Materials Management Plan - Word
Hazardous Materials Management Plan - PDF

HMIS Spreadsheet

Underground/Aboveground Storage Tank Closure Checklist

Other Items

Vacant Inspection Process

T Bar Ceiling Sprinkler Requirements

FLS File Structure

Food Truck Inspections - Zone 1 Guidelines

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