How Do You Get A Permit?
The permit process differs for each permit type (see Permits We Issue (A-Z), and may also vary depending on how complex your project is. These steps are a general guideline to follow to apply for a permit.


How do I find out the zoning for my property?
Find your property information. Research your site to help you plan your project. Use our Property Viewer Interactive Map to find zoning information. Also check for sensitive areas (wetlands, geologic hazard areas, etc.)

If the Property Viewer doesn't have what you're looking for, try the parcel information from the King County Website.

How do I find the site requirements (setbacks, average lot size, etc.) and the uses allowed on my property?  Visit the Redmond Zoning Code. Refer to the following sections: residential (RZC 21.08), commercial (RZC 21.14), Downtown (RZC 21.10), and Overlake (RZC 21.12).
Is Redmond Ridge within the City of Redmond?
No, this Urban Planned Development (UPD) is located within King County. More information is available on the King County Development and Environmental Services webpage.

Start Permit Application

1. Buy Permits Online
If you are already a registered user of the purchasing system, you can go directly to the login page. Online permit applications can be made by licensed contractors for a select group of permits that do not require plan review. To register and submit applications, a contractor must have a valid State Labor and Industries contractor’s license and City of Redmond business license. A separate permit is required for each structure and for each sign installed.

If you are new to Redmond permits online, please take a moment to review the list below to determine what permits are available. Also check the Fee Schedule, registration process and payment policies at the First Time Buyers page. Then proceed to our registration page to become a registered user.

Permits available to buy online:

Commercial Electrical Permit - Installation or alteration of electrical service, wiring, low voltage wiring (security, fire alarm, thermostat), or circuits in tenant improvements that do not require plan review.

Residential Electrical Permit (Single Family Residence only) -
Installation or alteration of electrical service, wiring or circuits, or low voltage wiring (security, thermostat, communication, etc) in existing and new single family residences

Residential Mechanical Permit -
Installation or alteration of fuel gas piping, heating or water heating equipment (all gas water heater replacements are done under a Mechanical Permit), ventilation and cooling equipment in existing or new single-family buildings.

Residential Plumbing Permit -
Installation or alteration of water or drainage piping, replacement of electric water heaters and associated fixtures in existing or new single-family buildings.

Sign Permits -
Installation or replacement of wall mounted or monument signs. The City of Redmond is now offering online plan review and permit issuance for sign permits; wall mounted or monument. If you meet all the contractor requirements and have the capability of uploading a site plan and detailed drawings via PDF. The contractor and the tenant must have a valid City of Redmond business license before you can apply. Once applied for, we will review your plans online and typically issue the permit within two weeks via email to the registered applicant.

Commercial/Residential/Mixed-Use/Multi-Family Reroof Permits

Quick Start Fire Alarm Permits -
Applications with or without transmitters, allowed only for 25 or less fixtures.

Quick Start Fire Sprinkler Permits -
Applications allowed only for 25 or less heads.

2. Over the Counter Permits
Simple over the counter permits can be applied for at the counter using a paper application form for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, hydrant use, side sewer repair and quick start alarm/sprinkler. Intake appointments are required when you are submitting any permit that requires plan review or three (3) or more over-the-counter permits.

The Building Department is excited to offer an online appointment scheduling tool. Click schedule an appointment to apply for your building permit.

Incomplete applications and applications delivered by courier, fax or mail will not be accepted.

3. Download the applicable forms and submittal checklist.
Visit Permit Forms (A-Z).

Submit Plans
We are currently only accepting plans and supporting documents on a USB drive. We are not accepting any form of paper when permits are requiring plan review, including the application.  Only when a permit is over-the-counter would you still need to bring in a paper permit application.  The USB or CD will only be accepted if they contain files for the current permit submittal.
Schedule an Intake Appointment
You can schedule your intake appointment a variety of ways depending on the type of application you are applying for.  Visit Submittal Appointments to learn more about how to schedule a submittal appointment. 

Plan Review & Corrections
After your permit application has been submitted, we will review your application.  Our reviewers may ask for corrections to any errors they find in your application materials.

4. To obtain a Right-of-Way Use Permit and access permit submittal requirements, see Right-of-Way Permit.

Submit Your Permit Application
Submit your permit application materials and pay all fees due at this time.

Get Permit
Pay any outstanding fees and receive approved plans and permit.

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