Impact Fees
The City of Redmond Development Impact Fee rate is being updated and will go into effect January 1st, 2019. Updated fees are now posted.

What are Impact Fees?

Impact fees are one time charges collected by the city of Redmond from new commercial and residential developments. These fees help the City pay for public infrastructure that is needed to accommodate population and employment growth.

What Kind of Projects Require Impact Fees?

  • Change of Use such as:
    - Office to daycare
    - Warehouse to office
    - Office to restaurant

  • New Residential

  • New Construction such as:
    - Mixed-use building
    - Multi-family building

  • Commercial Addition such as:
    - Exterior and interior (mezzanines) additions

Does Your Project Require Impact Fees?

View an expanded flow chart to help determine if your project may require impact fees:

Change of Use New Residential New Construction Commercial Addition

Additional Impact Fee Tools and Resources