The City has plans to renovate dirt jumps used by bicyclists on public property adjacent to Hartman Park. The City worked with community members on the design during a public planning process between 2009 and 2010. During that time, the riding area was officially named Redmond Bike Park.

In April 2011, the Parks and Recreation Department submitted permits and final design documentation to the Planning Department for approval to begin construction of the Redmond Bike Park. In May 2011, the project was appealed by a group of concerned neighbors. The appeal was heard by the Hearing Examiner in the fall of 2011 and a decision was made in favor of the City. The appellants appealed that decision to City Council, who in the winter of 2012 favored with the City. Then the project was appealed again by the appellants to King County Superior Court. Before the case was heard, the two parties began settlement discussions and in the spring of 2013, a settlement agreement was finalized and City Council approved it on April 16, 2013. The parties agreed to some changes in the design of the proposed Redmond Bike Park, as described below and shown in draft form in the attached Site Plan.
  • Move bike features and site furnishings away from southeast corner and eastern side of site,
  • Remove elevated wooden features and double black diamond trail,
  • Expand the staging area at the starting mound, and
  • Enhance vegetation along south and western sides of the site.

The City is currently prepared and submitted revised plans and permits in December 2013. This project will be built and maintained with a significant amount of volunteer labor and with assistance and oversight by the Parks and Recreation Department.

There are many examples of city sanctioned bike parks throughout the country and our region, some examples are provided in the Project Document Library.

Project Plan Review

A public comment period for the revised plans and permits for the Redmond Bike Park occurred through January 29, 2014. If you have questions, please contact Carolyn Hope via email.  

General Note

Please adhere to the posted rules in at the bike park. Do not engage in jump building or modification to the existing park without City authorization. Please park at Hartman Park, off of NE 104th Street, if you chose to drive to the location. Do not park on residential streets. ~Thank you!