Land Use Permits

The City of Redmond requires online intakes for Land Use Permit applications that require plan review.  Please follow the instructions below for a successful submittal.

*Note that you must be a registered user on the E-Track Portal to submit your application.  Information on how to become a registered user.

Start Here

Step 1: Schedule an online intake appointment for Monday or Tuesday by emailing or by calling the Planner on Call Desk at 425-556-2494. 
If this is to submit for a pre-application meeting please skip to Step 3.

Step 2: Once your intake date has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions regarding the application procedure.

Step 3: Submit the request form below.

Step 4: City staff will activate our Plan Case and notify you of your Plan Case number via email.  Instructions are included in the email for where and how to upload.

Step 5: Upload all application documents.

Step 6: City staff will review application documents within 2 business days of the scheduled intake appointment.  If all documents are deemed complete, you will receive an invoice.  Plan review will not start until the invoice has been paid.

Step 6a: If submittal is deemed incomplete, it will be denied for intake and applicant will receive additional instructions via email.

You also need to know

Please note all incomplete submittals will require you to submit additional applicable information. If for some reason there is difficulty submitting required information, we politely request that you come to City Hall so we can better assist you.

Not sure what permit to apply for or have additional questions? 
Please contact the Planner on Call at or by calling the Planner on Call Desk at 425-556-2494.

Land Use Form

Project name: 

Permit applying for:

Detailed project description

Project parcel # (s):

Project address: 

Your scheduled intake date*:
* See Step 1 above to receive your intake date.
Have you had a pre-app meeting?   yes           no 

What type of project? Residential            Commercial            Mixed Use 

What zone is it in?

Contact information for completing intake (Applicant 1)

Applicant company
Applicant name
State        Zip